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Major trauma: assessment and initial management - NICE guideline

This guideline covers the rapid identification and early management of major trauma in pre‑hospital and hospital settings, including ambulance services, emergency departments, major trauma centres and trauma units.

Major trauma: assessment and initial management aims to reduce deaths and disabilities in people with serious injuries by improving the quality of their immediate care. It does not cover care for people with burns. NHS England’s clinical reference group (CRG) produce the service specification for major trauma. The CRG intends to consider the NICE guidelines on major trauma, major trauma: service delivery, spinal injury and complex fractures in future updates to the service specification which are planned for 2017.

The guideline should be read alongside the NICE guidelines on major trauma: service deliveryspinal injurycomplex fractures and fractures.


This guideline includes recommendations on:

Who is it for?

  • Healthcare professionals and practitioners who provide care for people with major trauma in pre-hospital and hospital settings.
  • People with major trauma, their families and carers.

Related publications

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