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Social care workforce delivery plan 2023 to 2026

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RCP Cymru Wales has responded to the Social Care Wales consultation on the social care workforce delivery plan 2023 to 2026.

Closer working between health and social care teams, and to that end, investment in the social care and community workforce, will be crucial to the success of care closer to home and improving the lived experience of patients, families and carers.

Ultimately, the Welsh government should bring together workforce planning for health and social care in a meaningful way, working in partnership with primary, community and social care to design clinical pathways and patient journeys.

The new NHS Wales Executive and the proposed National Office for Social Care, working with Health Education and Improvement Wales and Social Care Wales, will give us a real opportunity to redesign how we educate, develop and support the health and care workforce, and it’s vital that both organisations work very closely together with shared aims and priorities, supported by professional bodies and royal colleges to share information and intelligence.

We welcome the commitment to ‘collaborative and partnership working at all levels’, and we are especially pleased to see an action to ‘maintain and develop peer support networks, communities and a national conference to share different ways of improving workforce wellbeing.’