Lives of the fellows or Munk's Roll is a collection of biographies of everyone who has ever joined the Royal College of Physicians of London as a fellow, from 1518 to the present day.

As a fellow, your entry will sit alongside that of people like our founder, Thomas Linacre, the discoverer of the circulation of the blood, William Harvey, the discoverer of penicillin, Sir Alexander Fleming and many other famous and infamous physicians.

Each biography is written posthumously, usually by colleagues or family members. They provide a summary of the individuals’ professional lives, with glimpses into their personal lives. This series of obituaries is a unique source of information on individuals associated with the RCP, and a valuable resource for family and medical historians.

Where can you see Lives of the fellows (Munk’s Roll)?


The full text of obituaries produced since 2004 and selected entries from the printed volumes are available in our online database. If the full text entry is not available online, the database will show the volume and page for the entry.

In print

The period from 1518 to 2004 is covered by eleven printed volumes, officially known as Lives of the Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians.

Does the series only include fellows?

Biographies of all former licentiates were also included before 1825. Unfortunately, rising numbers led to the decision to stop adding entries for licentiates. The series has produced entries for fellows only since 1825.

Most biographies from volumes two to eleven are only available in print. The online database shows the volume and page number but not the full entry.


Lives of the fellows was first published in 1861 by RCP librarian William Munk and is still produced by the harveian librarian.