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Third year specialty training (ST3)

Since 2009, the specialty recruitment office (SRO) based at the JRCPTB has managed a nationally-coordinated process of application and recruitment to medical training vacancies at ST3-level.

This has since grown to the point where, in 2015, 22 specialties are participating in coordinated recruitment, as are all deaneries/LETBs across England, Scotland & Wales; with Northern Ireland† participating in some specialties.


The specialties are listed below - click on the links to access the corresponding specialty page on the main ST3 recruitment website:

† In 2015, Northern Ireland is participating in coordinated ST3 recruitment within the specialties of clinical genetics and palliative medicine only. Details of vacancy numbers can be found on the post numbers & interview dates page of the main ST3 recruitment website.

 2015 ST3 recruitment

- Round 1

Applications for the first round of 2015 ST3 recruitment will open at 10am (UK time) on Tuesday 17 February 2015 and must be submitted by 4pm (UK time) on Wednesday 11 March 2015.

For details of the full timeline for 2015 ST3 round 1 along with other round 1 information please visit the ST3 recruitment website.

- Round 2

The timeline for 2015 round 2 has not yet been confirmed; however, it is likely applications will open in late August/early September, with interviews held in September and October, and the majority of post offers made in October.

More details will be added to the ST3 recruitment website as they become available.

Further information

For information on applying to ST3, plus details of eligibility criteria, participating deaneries/LETBs and specialties, the application form, interviews, offers, FAQs, and all other ST3 recruitment information, please visit the ST3 recruitment website.

Specialty recruitment office helpdesk

In addition, you can email the ST3 recruitment office at for advice on any aspect of ST3 recruitment.