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MSc in Medical Leadership – meet the faculty

Biographies of faculty members on the MSc in Medical Leadership in the next academic year.

Programme director

Almuth McDowall

Almuth McDowall, professor of organizational psychology at Birkbeck, University of London.

Almuth McDowall is professor of organizational psychology at Birkbeck, University of London and programme director for the MSc in Medical Leadership.

Widely published, she has retained her registration as a practising psychologist and consults with a number of organisations. Her expertise spans several topics in organisational/occupational psychology and personnel psychology, including competence, professional development and performance, work-life balance and workplace coaching. Her research has been funded by the Ministry of Defence, the College of Policing, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and the Home Office.

Almuth has won awards for her research, and also for her commitment to furthering the practice of psychology in the workplace in the UK. She is regularly sought as a contributor and commentator to the press and radio, fuelled by her belief that research needs to speak to organisations directly to have impact and contemporary relevance. She is passionate about working with physicians to further critical reflection on a psychological perspective on a healthcare setting, and currently supervising a registrar for his doctoral studies.

The faculty

Dr Alexandra Beauregard

Dr Alexandra Beauregard, reader in organizational psychology at Birkbeck, University of London.

Dr Alexandra Beauregard is a chartered psychologist and reader in organizational psychology at Birkbeck, University of London, where she serves as assistant dean (international) for the School of Business, Economics and Informatics. She teaches research methods for medical leadership on the MSc in Medical Leadership programme, drawing upon her own experiences both as a researcher and in editorial roles for prominent journals in work psychology. 

Her research interests are centred on the work-life interface, flexible working arrangements, and diversity management, with a particular focus on gender equality and gender identity. She has published widely on these topics in academic journals and in practitioner outlets, as well as authoring chapters in a number of edited scholarly books and teaching-oriented texts. She also holds elected leadership roles for the gender and diversity division of the Academy of Management, and the technology, work and family special interest group of the Work and Family Researchers Network. 

Dr Beauregard has carried out commissioned research for both public and private sector organisations such as Acas, Avon UK and LinkedIn, and has delivered a number of invited lectures on the topics of gender equality, diversity management and flexible working to organizations such as Ipsos, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Citywealth, the Financial Conduct Authority, Handelsbanken, KPMG and Shell.

Select publications:

  • Beauregard, T. A., Canónico, E., & Basile, K. A. (2019). 'The fur-lined rut': Telework and career ambition. In C. Kelliher & J. Richardson (Eds.), Work, working and work relationships in a changing world (pp. 17-36). Abingdon, Oxfordshire: Routledge. 
  • Basile, K. A., & Beauregard, T. A. (2018). Oceans apart: Work-life boundaries and the effects of an oversupply of segmentation. Forthcoming in International Journal of Human Resource Management. doi: 10.1080/09585192.2018.1512513
  • Beauregard, T. A., Arevshatian, L., Booth, J. E., & Whittle, S. (2018). Listen carefully: Transgender voices in the workplace. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 29(5), 857-884.
  • Beauregard, T. A. (2014). Fairness perceptions of work-life balance initiatives: Effects on counterproductive work behaviour. British Journal of Management, 25(4), 772-789.

Dr Chris Dewberry

After gaining a BA in psychology from Plymouth Polytechnic, Dr Dewberry was awarded a PhD in psychology from University College London in 1983. He went on to lecture at University of London, Goldsmiths, carried out research on unemployment at University College London, and lectured at Birkbeck, University of London. He then took up a lecturing post for 8 years at Roehampton University.

Chris rejoined Birkbeck, in the department of organisational psychology, in 1992. His research interests are currently in selection and assessment with a particular focus on the measurement and application of competencies at work, and student retention. Chris teaches selection and assessment on the medical leadership programme.

Recent publications:

  • Dewberry, C. and Jackson J.R. (2016). The Perceived Nature and Incidence of Dysfunctional Assessment Center Features and Processes.  International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 24 (2), 189-196.
  • Jackson, D.J.R. Michaelides, G. Dewberry, C., Kim, Y.J. (2016).  Everything that you have ever been told about assessment center ratings is confounded. Journal of Applied Psychology, 101, (7), 976-994.

Erica Levy

Erica Levy is an associate lecturer and has been an academic adviser with the department of organizational psychology for the last 10 years. She is module convenor for the leading and developing people module on the MSc in Medical Leadership and also teaches on the MSc HRM and HRD and consultancy where she is the module convenor for both leading and developing people and contemporary challenges in HRD modules.

Following a master's degree from Reading University, Erica has held a variety of specialist managerial and HR training roles in the further and higher education sectors, working as a head of department and teacher trainer for many years. She has also worked in the NHS and across the private sector. She runs her own training consultancy, working in the UK and overseas most recently in Bulgaria. Clients include Acacia Learning Ltd, CIPD, the Open University and Swansea University.

Erica is also an external quality adviser for the CIPD quality assuring their programmes across levels 3 & 5 and 7 with 20 years’ experience.

She is also very interested in coaching and mentoring and is a practising mentor with CIPD London.

Dr Kevin Teoh

Dr Kevin Teoh is a chartered psychologist and lecturer with the department of organizational psychology at Birkbeck, University of London. 

On the MSc in Medical Leadership Kevin teaches on topics related to work, wellbeing and safety. He also supervises dissertation projects related to these topics. Prior to joining Birkbeck, Kevin held research and teaching positions with the University of Nottingham and the University of Bedfordshire. His primary research interests are around developing healthier workplaces, and the translation of research into practice, policy and public dissemination. A major focus of Kevin’s research is on the working conditions of hospital doctors and how this relates to their wellbeing and to patient care.

Kevin has collaborated extensively with the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. He has also worked on projects involving the Ministry of Defence and the NHS, as well as organisations in the charity, banking and retail sectors. These projects have primarily been around workplace wellbeing, management training, recruitment and retention, and safety.

Kevin is the co-programme director for the MSc in Organizational Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London, and sits on the executive committee of the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology. He is also the deputy editor for the Occupational Health Psychologist, and a full member of the British Psychological Society’s division of occupational psychology.

Selected recent publications:

  • Teoh, K.R.H., Hassard, J., & Cox, T. (in press). 'Do doctors’ perceived working conditions influence quality of care? A systematic review'. Work & Stress
  • Kinman, G. & Teoh, K. (2018). 'What could make a difference to the mental health of UK doctors? A review of the research evidence'. Report prepared for the Louise Tebboth Foundation and the Society for Occupational Medicine. 
  • Teoh, K.R.H., Hassard, J., & Cox, T. (2018). 'A multilevel perspective on the interaction between job demands and resources’ impact on doctor wellbeing'. Health Care Management Review
  • Khan, A.S.A., Teoh, K., Islam, M.I., & Hassard, J. (2018). 'Psychosocial Work Characteristics, Burnout, Psychological Morbidity Symptoms and Early Retirement Intentions: A Cross-sectional Study of NHS Consultants in the United Kingdom'. BMJ Open, 8:e018720. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2017-018720. 
  • Hassard, J., Teoh, K.R.H., Visockaite, G., Dewe, P., & Cox, T. (2018). 'The cost of work-related stress to society: A systematic review'. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 23(1), pp. 1-17. doi: 10.1037/ocp0000069

Raymond Caldwell

Raymond completed his doctorate at the London School of Economics, followed by a research fellowship at the University of California, Berkeley. After early career stints in HM Treasury, Phillips Industries and nearly a decade in management consultancy, he joined Birkbeck College in 1993. He has served as chair of a wide range of college committees as well as the elected role of head of school. Raymond has also served as assistant dean and member of the executive board of the School of Business, Economics and Informatics. 

Raymond began his academic career as a sociologist, but his work is now thoroughly interdisciplinary. His current research is concerned with thinking agency and change within ‘practice theory’ and ‘process perspectives’, and how we can include non-human agency in definitions of human agency. A full profile of Raymond’s work has appeared in The Handbook of Organizational Change Thinkers, a new handbook covering major contributions to how organisational change has been conceived, theorised, researched and practised over the last 100 years.

Roger Fagg

Roger is an associate lecturer in the department of organizational psychology and has been teaching part-time at Birkbeck for over 20 years. He is the convenor for the human resource strategies module on the MSc in Human Resource Management and the MSc in Human Resource Development and Consultancy. He teaches the leading and developing people module on the MSc in Medical Leadership and also teaches the people and performance module on the mini MBA programme. He is a holder of Birkbeck’s dstinguished sessional lecturer award.

After leaving school at 16, all of Roger’s academic and professional qualifications have been obtained while in full-time employment. His career includes senior human resource management roles with British Airways, Grand Metropolitan, United Biscuits and Ocean Group plc where he was a divisional human resources director for 11 years. He has also run his own consultancy business where clients have included the UK Passport Office, the National Policing Improvement Agency, the Commission for Rural Communities, the Home Office, the Cabinet Office, Toyota and the British Council. For 10 years he was an associate lecturer teaching on the Open University Business School’s MBA programme.

A firm believer in lifelong learning he is currently working towards his PhD, researching identity and the management of unpaid volunteers by other unpaid volunteers.