Anatomy table detail

Dissection tools

27 April – 31 December 2012

Royal College of Physicians, first floor gallery exhibition

The Royal College of Physicians holds a rare set of six anatomical tables.

The tables are visually spectacular. They display human veins, nerves and arteries dissected at Padua’s famous anatomy theatre in the 17th century, skilfully arranged on varnished wooden panels. 

Find out more about the tables’ fascinating history.

The ‘Curious anatomys’ exhibition has ended, but you can still visit us to view the tables as they are now on permanent display in the RCP.

We are delighted that 'Curious anatomys' won first prize as the best small exhibition on the history of science and medicine, 2012. Awarded by the British Society for the History of Science.

The exhibition was supported by rare illustrated anatomy books from the RCP’s collections and loans from the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons, The Gordon Museum of Pathology and Christ’s College, Cambridge.  These include dissection tools, preparations made by surgeon Sir Astley Paston Cooper and exquisite wax models created by anatomical modeller Joseph Towne.

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