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New Consultants Committee representatives

The RCP New Consultants Committee (NCC) is dedicated to and comprised of new consultants who are working in the NHS and whose date of first consultant appointment was less than five years ago.

The committee is made up of early career consultants from across the UK, plus a chair and deputy chair who act as RCP ambassadors in their regions. It is established to represent the needs, interests and views of RCP members and fellows who are new consultants or transitioning to this career stage.

The NCC is currently recruiting and invites applications for the following regions: Kent, Surrey and Sussex, North Wales, Oxford and Thames Valley, Severn, Wessex, West Midlands and Yorkshire. Please contact elaine.storey@rcp.ac.uk for more information regarding the vacancies. 

The committee are keen to hear from you to hear that they can represent your views. To contact your local committee representative please email NewConsultants.Committee@rcp.ac.uk, providing details of your location and your preferred email address.