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'#5minutesto' census launched for SAS doctors

The RCP has launched the first '#5minutesto' SAS census, which will help it influence NHS bodies and the government so that the SAS physician workforce receives the investment, support and recognition required for sustainability and to provide the best patient outcomes.

The needs and working patterns of SAS doctors are quite different from consultants and trainees, so in addition to important data on job plans and working patterns, the census is asking SAS doctors about CESR, autonomous practice, SAS charter and development document implementation and wellbeing.

How to complete the census

The RCP will send a personalised email allowing access to an online form. Any SAS doctor who has not received this email, please send contact us at mwucensus@rcplondon.ac.uk with your GMC number and full name. 

Please note: The unique survey URL included in this email is specific to each doctor and should not be passed on to a colleague.

SAS doctors who aren’t physicians are not required to complete this census, however the RCP is keen to receive interest from physicians in participating in general SAS doctors census in the future (via email).

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