Academy of Medical Royal Colleges statement on healthcare standards after the EU referendum

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) has issued a paper entitled What needs to happen to maintain the standards of healthcare in the UK which identifies a set of principles that it believes should be followed following the EU referendum.

The AoMRC, of which the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) is a member, states that the decision to leave the EU 'is likely to have a significant impact on the NHS and health services in the UK'. The paper highlights specific issues that will need to be addressed by government or other national bodies in negotiations on withdrawal from the EU, including:

  • retention and recruitment of EU staff
  • science and research
  • regulation of medicines
  • environmental legislation and public health protection
  • working time regulations
  • emphasising the requirement for continued full involvement in EU activity until departure.

You can read the full statement at the AoMRC website.