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A&E figures reveal record low performance figures

Royal College of Physicians (RCP) president Professor Jane Dacre warned that the NHS was at a point of 'no return' following NHS England's release of monthly A&E figures yesterday, which revealed it's worst recorded performance against the 4-hour A&E treatment targets.

NHS England's A&E Attendances and Emergency Admissions report showed that A&E units based at hospitals managed to treat and then admit, transfer or discharge a record low 77.1% of arrivals during January, compared with 77.3% in December -- also a new record low at that time. 

Discussing the figures, Professor Dacre said:

As we have said for some time now, we see these pressures on a daily basis. Be it at the front door of the hospital, in A&E or in outpatients. Bluntly, yesterday’s figures showing record A&E delays are not surprising.

It is clear to all of us working in the NHS that we are at a point of no return and the NHS in its current form is unsustainable without a significant increase in funding. We can’t continue to provide the same level of treatment to an ever-increasing group of patients and not expect the system to eventually collapse.