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AHA comment: New research confirms MUP impacts harmful drinkers

In response to new research on the impact of introducing a minimum unit price for alcohol by the University of Sheffield, published today in the BMJ, Sir Ian Gilmore, chair of the Alcohol Health Alliance (AHA), said:

It is really powerful to see the science securely behind the impact of a minimum unit price - confirming that it is a targeted measure that has its impact on the most harmful drinkers. It is also excellent to have confirmed what we have been telling the Westminster Government, namely that a ban on below cost selling has no worthwhile impact. If our UK politicians really believe in evidence-based policy, the way forward is clearly a minimum unit price of at least 45-50p. Westminster has to get fully behind Scotland’s MUP policy initiative and help push it through the European Court of Justice for the good of the public’s health.


For a copy of the BMJ paper please contact BMJ media relations manager Emma Dickinson on +44 (0)20 7383 6529, or email edickinson@bmj.com

Notes to editors

  • Previously the AHA has called for a minimum unit price for alcohol and supports the current legislation proposed by the Scottish government. Read more on the RCP website.
  • Members of the AHA include medical bodies, charities and alcohol health campaigners. AHA UK works together to:
    • highlight the rising levels of alcohol-related health harm

    • propose evidence-based solutions to reduce this harm

    • influence decision makers to take positive action to address the damage caused by alcohol misuse.