Alcohol Health Alliance (AHA) day of action

Members and supporters of the Alcohol Health Alliance (AHA) have called for action to tackle alcohol harms.

Doctors, nurses, public health officials and members of the public are contacting their MPs to ask them to commit to effectively tackling alcohol harm in the local constituency.

Alcohol consumption does not just harm the individual drinker; it all too often affects innocent bystanders in the local community through its role in child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, family break down and crime and disorder. The impact of alcohol misuse is felt across the board and there is not a neighbourhood in the UK that remains untouched.

The AHA wants politicians to realise how very real the problem is, and to commit to supporting measures to reduce levels of alcohol related harm.

Some of the actions on the day include:

  • visits by MPs to Gastroenterology Wards
  • visits by MPs to local alcohol services
  • live tweeting from local police forces and doctors
  • film event organised by Newcastle City Council
  • a Twitter ‘Thunderclap’ - using the #21billion hashtag.

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