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Announcing the 2024 Turner-Warwick lecturers

The Turner-Warwick lecturer scheme provides a sense of pride, builds confidence and gives encouragement to trainees across the UK. The scheme not only underlines the value trainees bring to healthcare, but also fosters skills like public speaking and how to package information for diverse medical audiences.

Now that the 2024 Turner-Warwick lecturer scheme has come to a close, it’s time to announce the winners! We couldn’t be more thrilled to shine a spotlight on each of these trainees who’ve worked incredibly hard. Our congratulations to each and every one!

And the winners are...

The judges have awarded one winner per region/nation; winners are listed below in alphabetical order by region/nation.

From the Eastern region:

Dr Caitriona Cox, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, with the lecture titled: Examining the communication of diagnostic uncertainty using vignette methodology: how is it done, why is it done, and what is the impact?

From the East Midlands region:

Dr Daniel Pan, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, with the lecture titled: You got COVID-19 (again). How infectious are you to your patients, colleagues, friends and family?

From the Kent, Surrey and Sussex region:

Dr Joseph Cairns, University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust, with the lecture titled: Improving transition onto haemodialysis: a novel trainee-led clinic giving better outcomes to patients and better training to registrars.

From the London region:

Dr Arun Sivananthan, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, with the lecture titled: The Medical Trainee Network: A novel trainee led network delivering digital training to all London IMT trainees.

From Northern Ireland: 

Dr James Irvine, Ulster Hospital, with the lecture titled: Reducing door to needle time through simulation-based education.

From the North Western and Mersey region:

Dr Duha Ilyas, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, with the lecture titled: Exaggerated complement activity may explain acute and chronic inflammatory response seen in extracorporeal blood purification techniques.

From the Northern and Yorkshire region:

Dr Michael Drozd, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, with the lecture titled: Anti-inflammatory therapy in atherosclerosis: balancing cardiovascular and infection death.

From the Oxford and Thames Valley region:

Dr Rhea Saksena, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, with the lecture titled: The cost of living crisis and poverty-associated diabetes in the United Kingdom.    

From the South West region:

Dr Nicholas Thomas, Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, with the lecture titled: Pre-symptomatic type 1 diabetes case detection: using genetics to find the needle in the haystack.

From Wales:

Dr Charlie Finlow, Wrexham Malelor Hospital, with the lecture titled: Caring for the deteriorating patient: Implementing an evidence-based complex intervention to improve end-of-life decision-making.

From the Wessex region: 

Dr Nathan Brendish, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, with the lecture titled: Rapid infection diagnostics: trials of molecular point-of-care testing at the hospital’s front door.

From the West Midlands region:

Dr Roopa Chopra, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, with the lecture titled: Enhanced support programme to improve transitioning of IMGs to the NHS.   

Where can I hear the winners' talks?

Each of the winners will be invited to present their lecture at a regional Update in medicine conference in 2024.

Details of these conferences can be found on our bespoke Update in medicine conferences webpage, where every regional conference for 2024 is listed.