Annual consultant census: have your say in 5 minutes

It only takes 5 minutes to influence government, support workforce planning and contribute to health policy by completing the shorter annual census of consultant physicians – you can even fill it in on your phone.

As in previous years, the census is being conducted by the Royal College of Physicians' (RCP’s) Medical Workforce Unit (MWU) on behalf of the Royal College of Physicians of London, the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.

We want to make the census as relevant to you as possible. In addition to the usual data on job plans and working patterns, we’re asking about:

  • 7-day working
  • acting down
  • rota gaps.

How to complete the census

Please look out for your personalised email from the RCP which will allow you to access your personalised form. On completing your census form you will be able to compare your data with the overall results.

The census will close on Thursday 30 November 2017. A number of tablet devices will be given away in a random draw of those completing by this date.

If you haven’t received your email, or are having difficulties accessing your form, please contact

Why your contribution matters

In May the RCP published Keeping patients at the heart of the NHS, which outlined what needs to be done to ensure the NHS is adequately resourced so that patients have access to high-quality care.

By filling in the census, you’re contributing not just your own data but to the wider case we’re making; it allows us to understand how consultants currently work and to monitor changes to push for funding of additional consultant posts.

Census data are used for the distribution list notifying consultants in England and Wales about the RCP support scheme for the forthcoming clinical excellence round, so if you plan to apply for RCP support it is imperative you complete your form.

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