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Budget 2017: RCP comment

RCP president Professor Jane Dacre responds to the government's 2017 budget:

The £2 billion allocated to social care funding over the next 3 years will ease some of the issues we currently face, but we know that the NHS and social care are inextricably intertwined – with current NHS performance being significantly affected by the record number of patients stuck in hospital. This has increased by 80% in the past 5 years alone.

Only last week in our latest report  Against the odds – we outlined how the underfunding in social care is having a prolonged impact on NHS services, with examples of patients remaining in hospital for months because of delays in being discharged, and a continued lack of beds in all areas, resulting inevitably in low staff morale.

We welcome the government’s recognition of the significant long-term problems facing social care and its commitment to introducing a green paper later this year.

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