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Diplomates receive MRCP(UK) diplomas at RCP's prestigious ceremony

Around 120 diplomates received their MRCP(UK) diploma during a prestigious ceremony on Tuesday, 24 September at RCP Regent's Park, London.

The ceremony itself is steeped in tradition. Just before 5:30pm, the gong was rung calling the diplomates to their seats in the Dorchester Library at RCP Regent's Park, London. RCP registrar Donal O’Donoghue started off the evening by giving an introduction and order of service, then the president’s procession entered the library and the ceremony commenced.

The celebrations began in the afternoon with tours of the RCP gardens and building, photography and refreshments. Guests of the diplomates were able to take part in these celebrations and then watch the ceremony from either the upper floor of the Dorchester Library or via livestream from the Wolfson Theatre. After the ceremony, diplomates and their guests continued the celebrations with a buffet.

The MRCP(UK) diploma is earned when an individual passes the three-part MRCP(UK) exam which serves as the knowledge-based assessment for core medical training. The exam is aimed at testing the skills, knowledge and behaviour of doctors. It is divided into two parts but has three separately assessed components; an examination, a written examination and the clinical examination called PACES. Passing this exam is necessary before progressing into specialty training and it is a stepping stone in the career of a physician.

Many RCP members don’t wait until they’ve passed their MRCP(UK) exam to become a subscribing member. Over 3,000 of our members are physicians-to-be including medical students, foundation doctors and above.

As a member-first organisation, we put our members and their needs at the forefront of everything we do here at the RCP. The support we provide to our members during their early career stages, through their exams and into their consultant years is valued by our membership base, with every department across the RCP feeding into the support of our members.

We’re incredibly proud of all our members and are proud to be able to share in their achievements and excitement – such as passing the MRCP(UK) exam and earning the diploma. You can follow the excitement and celebrations on Twitter, using the hashtag #RCPMembers.

For more information about RCP London membership, visit our membership webpages or email membershipqueries@rcplondon.ac.uk