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Fellowship proposals invited for submission to July council

As we continue to roll out the new RCP fellowship election process, we are now inviting proposals and self-proposals for submission to July council.

The new election process, launched in January, has been updated to keep pace with the values and diversity of modern medicine, increase inclusivity and become more transparent.

Proposals completed by 2 May 2022 will be submitted for election at the July council. There will be a further election at council in November.

How has the election process changed?

  • The process for fellowship election is now the same for UK consultants, SAS doctors and international physicians, and is even easier. Proposals, including self-nominations, are made via a 500-word (maximum) application over two domains. If candidates have been proposed by a colleague, they will be informed at the start of the process, and encouraged to add information that will support the application.
  • Proposals are made via a dedicated IT platform and simple webforms, with clear guidance and explanation of the process.
  • Feedback on the old process from regional representatives highlighted growing challenges around the practicalities and transparency of traditional local grading. Now, once submitted, proposals are endorsed by an impartial local source and graded anonymously using a scoring matrix to judge against
    • scope of professional practice and
    • one chosen area of special interest/expertise from: service improvement innovation and leadership; training and education; research.
  • Following final review, led by the registrar and RCP Council, unsuccessful proposals will receive feedback and advice where possible on when and how to reapply in future.
  • Successful candidates will be published on the Green List, as is tradition.

Individuals in trust leadership and appraisal roles may find they are still contacted in coming months to endorse individual colleagues as part of these new election processes. We would be grateful if those contacted would continue to recognise their colleagues who are going the extra mile in these extraordinary times by helping to verify their proposals and thus providing the trusted assurance needed to guarantee a robust and fair new system.

More information can be found on our fellowship webpages, where you will also find a link to the proposal portal.