Government says council tax can rise to help fund social care. RCP comment

Professor Jane Dacre RCP president comments on the need for more money in social care 

The Secretary of State for communities and local government announced today that council tax can rise to help fund social care.

On the announcement Professor Jane Dacre RCP president, said:

The announcement for more money for social care is welcome but today’s announcement does not go far enough – either in its scope or its long term support. We know that in the last 6 years social care budgets have shrunk by £5 billion and that this, in combination with an ageing population, has had a huge impact on the NHS, leading to delayed discharges of patients and quite simply people not being treated in the right place for them.  

The underfunding of social care is one of the main contributing factors that is impacting on our NHS and it is clear that health and social care can no longer be treated as separate issues. This is a national crisis that needs national solutions; we need fundamental reform of how social care is delivered.

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