Guidance for writing to MPs in support of RCP policy

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) encourages its members and fellows to engage with NHS decision makers in order to highlight the challenges facing health and social care, and the impact of these on patient safety and staff morale.

The RCP's members and fellows are well-positioned to help us shape MPs' understanding of the healthcare system. You know the reality of working in an NHS which is underfunded, underdoctored and overstretched.

Your voice matters

Our template letters are designed as a starting point for members and fellows. Please be advised that your correspondence is much more likely to have an impact if you:

  • include personal experiences and perspective
  • offer potential solutions to the issues.

Together we are able to raise the profile of key issues affecting health and social care, using the extensive evidence base that the RCP holds and your personal experience of working in healthcare.

As well as advocating to the MP of the constituency you live in, if you work in an area with a different MP and have location-specific issues to raise then you can write to them.

Share your responses

To help the RCP support advocacy activity and ensure we are reaching a broad range of MPs, we would be grateful if you could share any correspondence you receive by forwarding it to RCP public affairs adviser Rory Murray:


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