In-house training: hear from our clients

Would you like training delivered at your hospital, trust or deanery on a date convenient to you and your doctors? The RCP's in-house workshops are a cost-effective way to deliver training tailored to the specific needs of you and your doctors, on a date that suits you and at a venue of your choice.

We have worked with over 70 organisations to develop and deliver in-house training events, ranging from 1-day workshops and RCP accreditations, to long-term partnerships, both in the UK and internationally.

They can be delivered to any doctor of any specialty or grade, including tailored training for SAS groups. All workshops are CPD accredited and we can provide full event administration support.

Other organisations have attempted to offer the same training and service but simply do not provide the quality of tutors or the same level of face-to-face contact.

What our clients say

See what our clients say, and download the full case studies below.

Kent, Surrey and Sussex Deanery

We worked with Dr Umesh Dashora, SAS project lead from Kent Surrey and Sussex Deanery (KSS), to provide training for SAS doctors to support their career progression, who said:

Following the delivery of workshops offered by the RCP, I have noticed SAS doctors within the KSS deanery have an improved confidence and enthusiasm for their educational roles.

Oxford Deanery

Dr Peter Tun, associate dean for SAS doctors in the Oxford Deanery, asked us to deliver eight events aimed at improving the teaching and supervision roles of SAS doctors within the Oxford Deanery. He said the variety of the workshops we delivered has led to improved confidence for SAS doctors within the deanery, with some taking on the responsibility to appraise their peers:

Following the appraisal training delivered by the RCP, there are now 10 SAS doctors who are new appraisers, when previously there were none. This is really beneficial to these doctors, and also other doctors who are now being appraised by trained and highly competent appraisers who understand their unique and challenging position. 

Lahey Clinic

The Lahey Clinic is a multispecialty group practice which owns a 400-bed hospital in Massachusetts. They wanted to demonstrate a commitment to education in their hospital, to increase the effectiveness of their teaching faculty. We were asked to lead a faculty development programme for their teaching faculty, focusing on several issues including: appraisal, feedback, assessment of clinical staff in the workplace, and trainees in difficulty. Dr David Martin director of the cardiac arrhythmia service and program director of fellowship training in cardiac electrophysiology at the Lahey Clinic, Boston, MA, USA said:

The quality of this programme, as well as the relevance to physicians in practice and clinical medicine, really made it stand out from other programmes. It has taught the faculty to listen more and to be more efficient and focused with their teaching.

Mersey Deanery

We worked with programme directors and educational supervisors in the Mersey Deanery, focusing on the general skills and principles which underpin all essential teaching activities: appraisal, feedback and assessment. We delivered a range of interactive workshops and programmes, and this approach enabled a flexible and modular programme tailored to individual needs. The result of this approach has been the development of a well-trained local faculty, which can give more effective appraisals, feedback and assessments to all trainees. Dr Rob Gillies, consultant surgeon and former associate postgraduate dean for specialty training in the Mersey Deanery, said:

Other organisations have attempted to offer the same training and service but simply do not provide the quality of tutors or the same level of face-to-face contact. The approach has ensured we can deliver within our own region and focus specifically on our own needs. They have supported us all the way and ultimately they have ensured our local faculty will be self-sustaining in the future.