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Junior doctors' quality improvement projects showcased at RCP

The Royal College of Physicians' (RCP’s) Learning to Make a Difference (LTMD) team held a quality improvement (QI) showcase on Monday 10 July.

The event highlighted the work of the LTMD programme, with presentations of QI projects from both core medical trainees and also registrars who have used national clinical audit data as a catalyst for their quality improvement work.


Oral presentations

  1. David Middleton (Northern Ireland) – Improving the patient’s journey through a dermatology assessment/outpatient experience
  2. Kirsty Wood (Scotland) – Blood glucose monitoring in medical inpatients prescribed steroids
  3. Aqeem Azam and Sarah Clegg (Mersey) – Single unit blood transfusion.


  1. Sam Wong (Mersey) – Improving the quality of measuring patients' daily weights
  2. Gregor Young and Radhea Rahman (London) – Improving recording of target oxygen saturations and prescribing on drug charts
  3. Alice Thorpe and Jack Goddard (Yorkshire and Humber) – Optimisation of time to antibiotics in neutropenic sepsis patients in the haematology department.

What LTMD is doing

Learning to Make a Difference is an RCP project designed to empower junior doctors to learn and develop skills in quality improvement methodology. The programme offers trainees the information and resources they need to put these new skills into practice and make a real difference to patient care.