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Latest update on re-running ST3 offers

RCP president Professor Jane Dacre and RCP registrar Dr Andrew Goddard have emailed candidates with a further update about the re-running of ST3 offers.

We continue to work on this issue that has caused so much distress to trainees over the last few days. We wish to update you on our work plans to keep you informed of what we are doing today.

  • We are answering emails sent to st3recruitment@rcplondon.ac.uk. If you have contacted us and not yet had a response we will reply, but this is likely to go into Tuesday and continue through the week as more people get in touch. We appreciate the emails being sent to us and they have been valuable in helping us to develop further FAQs.
  • We intend to send out the FAQs document on Tuesday 8 May towards the end of the day. A number of questions will need input and agreement from other organisations (eg Health Education England, NHS Education for Scotland etc), which is why we are not able to get this out sooner. You will be emailed as soon as this is available.
  • We are developing a full timeline in order that you know what to expect and when. It is planned that this will form part of the FAQs document.
  • We are aware of some questions around Tier 2 visas which we are looking in to and will address within the FAQs.
  • We are working with partners in the four nations and the Oriel system provider to prepare for the offers process to start again from Thursday 10 May.

We appreciate that some candidates would have wanted to review their preferences before the first round of offers starts. The decision taken yesterday, after consultation with a range of people including from the BMA and the RCP trainees committee, was to move more quickly and straight to offers with preferences set as they were on Friday 4 May. This was viewed to be the fairest approach, but we recognise that for some candidates this may have an adverse effect. We will work with partner organisations involved in recruitment from the four nations to ensure individuals are supported. Once the offers start, individuals affected will be able to contact us to review their situation.   

If you are aware of friends and colleagues who are affected by this situation who may not have heard (eg if they are on leave), we would greatly appreciate any efforts you can make to alert them.

We would also like to reiterate our sincere apology to all those caught up in this issue and assure you all that we do not underestimate the upset it has caused. Your welfare is of paramount importance and we hope you are able to support each other in these difficult times. Please also think of using services such as the BMA counselling and doctor adviser service if you are struggling and need support. 

Yours sincerely

RCP president, Professor Jane Dacre

RCP registrar, Dr Andrew Goddard

The RCP is relaying all the latest information on Twitter as it is announced.