New findings published by National Lung Cancer and Falls & Fragility Fractures audit programmes

The RCP’s commitment to care quality improvement is highlighted this month with the publication of four key reports from two of the three national audit programmes we lead.

Commissioned by HQIP, the National Lung Cancer Audit Programme and the Falls & Fragility Fractures Audit Programme published:

Audits are an important part of service development and quality improvement, playing a key part in the RCP’s mission to improve health and care for all. The research and findings in these reports demonstrate that clinical audit is a way of providing a true picture of the standards of care, trends over time, and opportunities for improvement.

In December we also published:

Dr Jane Youde, RCP clinical director for audit and accreditation, commented:

“We hope that these important audit reports help to empower clinical communities to work together to improve patient care using the information they coordinate. Audit is central to helping patients and clinical teams to understand how well their services are delivering clinical care and areas that could be improved.

“There has been an enormous effort from busy frontline teams to collect the data and to share good practice and improvement stories, which we hope will help others to learn from the findings. We want to thank everyone who has contributed and will continue disseminating the results.”