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New website for RCP Library, Archive and Museum Services

RCP’s Library, Archive and Museum Services (LAMS) is proud to launch a new website to showcase the College’s rich 500-year history.

The RCP history website began as an anniversary site for the college to celebrate 500 years of working to improve standards in medicine.  Since 2018, the LAMS team have been busy working on improving and developing the website to showcase RCP’s wide-ranging collections, public programmes and stories.

You can now find out more about RCP’s architecture, history and opportunities for volunteering via the about us section.

The collections section includes exciting new content on RCP’s books, documents, oral history, objects, paintings and sculpture and the services LAMS provide. Digitised versions of important works are also available to view in full. You can also explore highlights of RCP’s award-winning exhibitions by accessing video footage.

The new Inspiring Physicians section (which will replace the Munk’s Roll website) allows you to explore the lives of RCP fellows through a catalogue of biographies of fellows of the RCP from 1518 to the present day. You can now easily search through the biographies using an advanced search engine, and features images and audio recordings for the first time.

Explore these new features including our Blog, a virtual reality gallery featuring an alternative set of portraits and details of upcoming events and more on the history website.