Patrice Moor: life and death in the garden - paintings inspired by the Medicinal Garden of the Royal College of Physicians

Patrice Moor is the current RCP garden artist-in-residence. She began working as an artist in 1993. Her work tends to follow the still life tradition; focus centres on one subject or detail which is removed from context when suspended on the canvas. The scale of subject often unnatural, engorged to larger-than-life proportions or in miniature to be studied at close quarters.

With no prior knowledge of botany, Moor discovered a natural amalgamation of her primary artistic interests and was surprised at the sheer scale and entirety of the life cycle played out in the garden. She found herself unnervingly drawn to the decayed/decaying plants, many of which were so delicate they could not be brought back to the studio.

Moor paints intuitively, while painstakingly applying the paint layer by layer, drawing on natural history and the human form as sources for the subject matter of her paintings. The individual works for this exhibition each took up to 3 months complete. A selection of these paintings will be on display at the RC, November–December.

Of her time at the RCP, Patrice Moor says:

Being given the opportunity to be an artist-in-residence at the Royal College of Physicians, and being given free rein to inspire myself in the garden, has been a powerful experience. It is admirable that an institution such as the RCP leads the way in valuing artistic dialogue. It is enriching for everyone concerned.

Open now and closes on 24 December 2013

Open Monday-Friday (expect bank holidays)


Free admission