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Physicians in Northern Ireland have their chance to sign RCP500 Charter

The RCP500 Charter will be in Belfast and Antrim on 20–21 September, giving physicians working in Northern Ireland the opportunity to sign our modern-day charter of professional values.

Produced to celebrate the RCP's 500th anniversary in 2018, the RCP500 Charter highlights the commitment of modern-day physicians to:

  • provide the highest standards of patient care
  • train, develop and support doctors
  • act as leaders
  • promote good health and prevention of ill health.

Doctors will be able to sign the charter at these locations:

The RCP Charter Cycle is a 2,018-mile journey between NHS trusts being undertaken by RCP registrar Dr Andrew Goddard. If you would like to cycle with Dr Goddard at any point during his journey, please register your details and stay updated about the route the ride is taking.

Physicians for Africa

As well as bringing the RCP500 Charter to our members and fellows, Dr Goddard is raising awareness of Physicians for Africa – the RCP's fundraising initiative to improve access to well-trained physicians in east, central and southern Africa.

This is how your money could make a difference:

  • £27 provides a month's access to online resource and webinars for trainees
  • £270 covers enrolment and registration costs for each trainee physician
  • £2,400 enables the accreditation of each new training unit.

Follow @RCPLondon on Twitter for updates and photos from Dr Goddard's journey and offer your support using the hashtags #RCPCharterCycle and #2018for2018.