RCP announces support for new applicants in the 2017 national Clinical Excellence Awards

The RCP has been informed that ACCEA (Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards) will soon be opening the 2017 application round for new and renewal of national Clinical Excellence Awards in England and Wales.

As in previous years the RCP will be supporting applicants for new awards as a National Nominating Body. However, this is a very competitive process and there is a limit to the number of consultants we are allowed to recommend. Please note that national awards are subject to renewal every 5 years and this is not automatic.

The RCP can provide citations for renewal applicants, but renewal applicants must treat applications to ACCEA as seriously as a new application. To be successful applicants must score at least as highly as the lowest-scoring newly-granted award at that level in the year.

Please note the higher award support application process is now closed. 

If you are applying for support for the renewal of an existing award, we have extended the deadline. Please complete this short form which asks for a few details about you and your existing award. The closing date for support requests for renewals is Thursday 23 March at 5pm. 

As RCP are supporting all renewals we will get in touch with you after you complete your form to arrange a citation.