RCP attends European Health Forum Gastein advisory committee meeting

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) has attended the European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) advisory committee meeting in Brussels to discuss the strengthening of European political agendas in areas such as AMR, health research and health systems assessment. 

The 1-day also discussed themes for this year's annual conference in October, which will celebrate the World Health Organisation's 70th anniversary, as well as significant international health milestones such as the the Alma-Ata declaration on primary care and the Tallinn Charter for strengthening European health systems.

Paul Belcher, principal European adviser to the RCP and member of the EHFG committee, who attendended the meeting said: "The RCP has a long track record of playing an active role in discussions at the European Health Forum, which is an important fora for the RCP to influence policy discussions and project its expertise across Europe."

The EHFG is the leading annual gathering of health policymakers in Europe, with recent speakers including RCP registrar Andrew Goddard, and delegates from the RCP's Health informatics Unit (HIU).