RCP comment on consultation report 'Delivering dignity'

Dr Linda Patterson, RCP clinical vice-president, today welcomed the publication of Delivering dignity, a joint report for consultation from the Local Government Association, NHS Confederation, and Age UK:

The key recommendations in Delivering dignity underpin the values, leadership and management needed to improve dignity of care for older people. The focus on leadership and continuing training chimes with the RCP’s own recommendations to the commission. In addition, the RCP recommends that hospitals provide adequate staffing with sufficient time to care for patients, including those with complex needs like dementia, and better continuity of care in acute settings and across providers, with clear accountability. We will address many of these issues in our forthcoming Commission on the Future Hospital.


For further information, please contact Linda Cuthbertson, head of PR, on +44 (0)203 075 1254 / 0774 877 7919, or email Linda.Cuthbertson@rcplondon.ac.uk

Notes to editors

  • The president of the RCP has set up a Commission on the Future Hospital, to look at the organisation, processes and standards of care in hospital in order to identify the best way to treat medical inpatients in the future. This Future Hospital Commission will be chaired by Professor Sir Michael Rawlins, will begin in March, and will have five workstreams:
    • People (medical teams, handover, communication)
    • Data (patient records, medical information, audit)
    • Place (medical wards, the patient pathway, generalists and specialists)
    • Planning infrastructure (radiology, laboratory , pharmacy and support staff, interfaces with community and primary care)
    • Patients and compassion (leadership and responsibility, MDTs, end of life care)
  •  Read further infomration on the Future Hospital Commission