RCP Cymru Wales shares tips for developing self-confidence and leadership skills

The Royal College of Physicians Cymru Wales has published tips and advice for developing self-confidence as a clinical leader in the NHS.

Organised by two Lord Leonard and Lady Estelle Wolfson Foundation-funded fellows from the RCP Emerging Women Leaders Programme, Dr Nerys Conway and Dr Joanne Morris, our #WalesFutureLeaders evening workshop earlier this year attracted more than 50 delegates. We have now pulled together the inspirational talks into a new report with tips on developing leadership skills and managing a busy work–life balance.

Overwhelmingly, teamwork and supporting each other emerged as strong themes throughout the workshop. Time and time again, we heard about the importance of helping each other to achieve and collaborate on projects; to take a risk and not be afraid of learning from failure; to make mistakes and move on.

The speakers talked about the importance of mentors and networks, of talking a problem through with your peers, friends and colleagues. They encouraged the audience to find and follow their passion. Finally, every speaker recommended that we all keep perspective and ensure that we remember to look after ourselves, our families and our mental health.

Dr Nerys Conway, consultant physician and fellow of the RCP Emerging Women Leaders Programme, said:
'With good time management, and an incredible support network of fantastic colleagues, I am able to have the best of both worlds. It is doable. I’m not a superhuman. But like everyone else, I’ve had barriers throughout my career.’

Reflecting on the evening, Dr Jo Morris, consultant physician and fellow of the RCP Emerging Women Leaders Programme, added:
'Wales should be leading the way with innovation and inspiration — we can attract and keep our colleagues if we look to support and take care of them, and show that we do this.’

Download the #WalesFutureLeaders report