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RCP IBD programme report indicates encouraging moves from trusts and healthcare boards to improve services and care

UK Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) programme has today launched it's Improving quality in IBD services report detailing the process and success of a series of workshops, webinars and site visits.

With over 80 trusts and health boards attending the workshops, feedback was resoundingly positive; over 70% of delegates surveyed strongly agreed or agreed that the activities offered had contributed to improving the quality of their IBD services.

The programme enabled teams from across England, Wales and Scotland to share insights and learning, as well as hearing from experts in IBD service provision. The key improvement themes identified focused on implementing patient pathways, the role of IBD nurses, the implementation of the IBD Registry, development of patient panels and establishing efficient multidisciplinary team meetings. Successful case studies are shared within the report.

Dr Ian Shaw, Clinical director for the IBD programme quality improvement said:

The report demonstrates some variation in the themes that emerged from the different workshops, but the active participation and enthusiasm of the IBD community was thoroughly encouraging. This report serves as a reassuring testimony to the amazing commitment of the IBD community to improve services for patients right across the UK.

Patient representative Denise Cann said:

It was a pleasure and a privilege to attend three regional workshops, to talk about an aspect of care which means a great deal to me, and which is central to the quality of the clinical relationship… That aspect is communication, and that is exactly what these days were about for me. They were opportunities to share, to listen, to learn, and to hear of the work that goes on with care and commitment.

The report evaluates some of the key quality improvement methodologies in IBD, and delivers some strong recommendations for ways to implement improvements in the delivery of IBD services, including development of cross-learning opportunities with other trusts, organisations and health boards across the UK, and the development of clear action plans to support positive progress towards a patient-centred, multidisciplinary approach to care.