RCP membership: a stepping stone in a physician's career

As a member-first organisation, the RCP is always looking to celebrate our members and shout about their achievements to the world. On 24 September we’ll be hosting our next ‘New members ceremony’ where diplomates will receive their MRCP(UK) diploma.

With this prestigious event looming, we spoke with some of our subscribing members, who will be attending, to find out what this experience and their membership means to them.

Priyanka Mayur Lakhani: I’m proud and honoured to be a member of a 500-year-old institution that promotes excellence in medicine globally. It’s helped me to become a better doctor and it feels inclusive.

The MRCP(UK) diploma is earned when an individual passes the three-part MRCP(UK) exam which serves as the knowledge-based assessment for core medical training.

Minn Kyi Zaw: The MRCP(UK) has been my life long education goal since my Medicinae Baccalaureus Baccalaureus Chirurgiae (MBBS) and it took several years to achieve the diploma. This also helps my career progression.

The exam is divided into two parts but has three separately assessed components; an examination, a written examination and the clinical examination called PACES.

Ali Akram Ali Uthuman: The MRCP(UK) is a prestigious diploma and is recognised all over the world. I felt really accomplished as I passed my PACES on the first go.

Passing this exam is necessary before progressing into specialty training and is therefore a stepping stone in the career of a physician.

Ravi Dissanayake: It’s a really big moment in my career, achieving a world-recognised diploma which will be an additional star to my list of academic achievements.

Tuesday’s ceremony will be a graduation that is utterly steeped in tradition, complete with robes and photography. The gong will ring, calling the diplomates into RCP London’s historic Dorchester Library where the ceremony takes place.

Priyanka Mayur Lakhani: It’s the proudest moment of my professional life and shows that I’ve attained a level of competence through an assessment that is respected worldwide.

An introduction and order of service will be given by Donal O’Donoghue, registrar. The president’s procession will then enter the library and the ceremony commences. Many of the diplomates will be supported by their friends and family who have come to support them and join in the celebrations.

Ali Akram Ali Uthuman: I’m looking forward to participating in the ceremony with my kids, wife, mom and uncles who have been supporting my career throughout.

Many RCP members don’t wait until they’ve passed their MRCP(UK) exam to become a subscribing member. Over 3,000 of our members are physicians-to-be who have yet to pass the exam and are medical students, foundation doctors and above.

Ravi Dissanayake: I have had the opportunity to become an associate member and undergo training as a Doctor in UK through the international medical training programme of RCP London which gave me opportunity to learn towards to PACES component of MRCP.

Here at the RCP our members are at the heart of everything we do. We support our members by providing them the tools and resources needed to prepare for exams, succeed in physician training and help them grow and develop throughout their career.

Ali Akram Ali Uthuman: RCP Membership gives me abundant resources for my continuous education.

We’re looking forward to celebrating our members and their achievements on 24 September at the New members ceremony. Follow all the excitement on Twitter, using the hashtag #RCPMembers.