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RCP Mersey revalidation appraisal pilot completed

The RCP piloted the GMC Appraisal Framework in secondary care in the Mersey region on behalf of the Revalidation Support Team (RST) and the report was presented to the UK Programme Board on Monday 5 July. The pilot included an exploration of what supporting information might be available and of the new appraisal process, and was supported by an electronic toolkit developed by the Revalidation Support Team. The RCP role was to co-ordinate and run the pilot, and to carry out the evaluation.

Dr Ian Starke, RCP Medical Director for Revalidation, said that the detailed investigation and report would be crucial in improving the appraisal and revalidation processes and in meeting the concerns of UK doctors:

In ensuring we covered every aspect of appraisal, we were able to collect and fully represent the views of the pilot appraisers and appraisees from many specialties, gathering vital information about the positive and negative aspects, and perceptions of the proposed system. This means that the rumours and media speculation about the way in which the appraisal process may or may not work are now replaced with firm conclusions and recommendations. The medical royal colleges, UK Programme Board, Revalidation Support Team, GMC and BMA can now work together to implement those recommendations. The findings of this study have already been shared with those developing the next series of revalidation pilot studies, and this process will continue. I am optimistic that the work carried out by the RCP will lead to improvements all round for any future pilots and the final roll-out of revalidation, and we will be able to use effectively the extra year before implementation suggested by the Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Lansley.

Notes to editors

  • The project was led by a Steering Group including representatives from those directly involved in revalidation and appraisal programmes and medical education, the Revalidation Support Team, GMC, BMA, and also included a patient representative. The pilot project was managed by the Revalidation Programme Manager at the Royal College of Physicians in London. Most of the day-to-day on-site project management was carried out by a local Project Co-ordinator who was appointed in February 2009 and was based within the Liverpool Medical Institution (LMI). The Project Co-ordinator provided day-to-day project management, co-ordination of electronic linkage of appraiser/appraisee pairs, regular site visits to individual Trusts and participants, a general help-line in relation to the practicalities of the pilot process and administrative support for the Project Steering Group. The steering group met every two months throughout the project.
  • The full report is available on the Revalidation Support Team website, the Executive Summary begins at page 6 of the pdf: