Statement from the RCP’s Patient and Carer Network in support of healthcare professionals during COVID-19 pandemic

The Patient & Carer Network (PCN) would like to express its wholehearted support to all clinicians and healthcare professionals who are doing everything they can and giving so much of themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are all very aware of the high level of commitment and professionalism that members and fellows of the college bring to their work, despite facing the same challenges that we all do in our daily lives, including ensuring having the necessary supplies for daily life and worries about protecting the health of their families.

We are under no illusion about the extra burden and responsibility being placed on them at this time, and we are immensely grateful for what they are doing, and will be doing, in the weeks to come. We recognise the potential impact that may have on their physical and emotional wellbeing and that of their families, and urge that looking after our workforce must be given the utmost priority by government, their employers and the patient community.

The safety of patients must always be of paramount importance. Fundamental to this must be safeguarding the health and wellbeing of all clinicians and healthcare workers, not least in ensuring they have the all the necessary equipment and protection in order to care safely for the very sick patients suffering with COVID-19.