RCP president responds to Health Select Committee report on Commissioning

Responding to the publication of the Health Select Committee’s Report on Commissioning (HC 268-I), Professor Ian Gilmore, president of the Royal College of Physicians said today:

MPs today have delivered a stinging rebuttal to the way health services are presently commissioned in this country. Not only is there often insufficient clinical input, but high staff turnover and a lack of relevant data means that many commissioners are not in place long enough to add value to the complicated process of setting up services that meet a community’s health needs.

Like the Select Committee, our Members and Fellows are also alarmed by the spiralling administrative costs associated with this edifice at a time when front line services and posts are under threat. If the Government is committed to the present formula we need at least to make sure that the wider package of reforms of the last 10 years doesn’t, as it does now, militate against the laudable aim of delivering high quality care for patients and value for taxpayers.