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RCP publishes 2017 gender pay gap summary

Today we have published our annual gender pay gap report, which showed that on 5 April 2017 the RCP had a mean gender pay gap of 12.8%.  

This figure was lower than the national average of 18.1%, but above the best practice figure of 10%. Overall the report showed that, from a total of 424 staff, the female to male ratio is 68% to 32%.  

Ian Bullock, CEO of the RCP, said: 

The Executive Director team remain committed to reporting relevant data and to being transparent. Whilst we are pleased with the headline elements of our report, we acknowledge there is still more to do to be demonstrating best practice.

Our work on reducing the gender pay gap

We are committed to fair pay irrespective of gender, and will continue to build on actions and initiatives that include: 

  • Exploring future opportunities to help women progress in their careers.
  • Support for women returning to work.
  • Continuous improvement of the recruitment process and exploration of opportunities to remove unconscious bias in all stages of our recruitment process.
  • Encouraging men to take advantage of arrangements that enable them to fulfil their caring responsibilities.
  • Monitoring pay as part of our commitment to regular review of the RCP pay and reward policy.
  • Exploring how we can attract more female employees into senior roles in our organisation to create a more even gender pay balance.

Read the RCP gender pay gap summary 2017.