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RCP renews call for government to change tier 2 visa cap policy

The RCP has again called on the UK government to change its policy on the tier two visa cap to free up places for doctors.

Earlier this year, the RCP, NHS Employers, the British Medical Association (BMA) and six other royal colleges wrote to the government outlining their views regarding the current policy on the tier two visa cap. Following a new article in the HSJ, which made reference to the letter, the RCP has reiterated its message to the government and is publishing it in full.

Commenting on the letter, RCP president Professor Jane Dacre said:

In February we wrote to the government along with other royal colleges, the BMA and NHS Employers asking them to urgently address the fact that junior doctors are being refused visas and offered a solution that would help in the short term. Almost 3 months on we still haven’t had a response.

It’s increasingly frustrating to see that despite the NHS being under unprecedented pressure that there is little urgency from the Home Office to help ease the immediate workforce shortages.

The letter to the home secretary outlines the impact of the rejections on service delivery, cost and reputation, and a policy solution for consideration, which asks the government to retain the current cap on restricted certificates of sponsorship for the short term and to exclude applications for shortage occupation roles from the allocation process.