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RCP responds to Conservative Party leadership debate

The RCP has commented on the Conservative Party leadership debate aired by the BBC on Monday 25 July.

Responding to the debate, Sir Andrew Goddard, president of the Royal College of Physicians, said:

“Despite all the talk of getting our economy back on track during last night’s Conservative Party leadership debate, there was little to no mention of health and social care. We know that health and the economy are inextricably linked – the ONS recently found that health was the biggest driver for the recent improvement in GDP - and yet the extreme challenges currently facing the NHS and social care system were given no airtime at all.

“The nation faces spending pressures – but investing in the health of the nation is a smart investment to make. How will our next prime minister get the greatest return on that investment, and restore timely access to care? Will they do things differently with proper workforce planning, a greater focus on preventing illness and tackling inequalities and fixing the breakdown between NHS and social care?”