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The RCP’s new Research Hub

Launched today, the RCP’s new Research Hub is the RCP’s one-stop shop for supporting physicians to become more involved in research and develop their career. The Research Hub fulfils one of the key aims in our research strategy, published earlier this year.

From providing tools and helpful tips on how to begin, through to getting published, the resource is a source of expertise to navigate the world of clinical research. The resource also outlines how the RCP’s own work involves different kinds of research and how it uses this evidence base for its projects and programmes to improve patient care. Nationally, the RCP is building alliances with major research organisations and lobbying to increase opportunities for all physicians to play a larger part in research, and to address the inequalities in access to research for doctors and patients. The resource is divided into three sections:

Developing research

Supporting the development of research skills and tackling the barriers preventing clinicians being involved in research. You can find out more about funding, support for skill development, our journals and hear from others' experiences. This section includes useful resources and practical guidance about how to go about conducting research for the first time.

Delivering research

Supporting physicians by helping deliver a system that enables research – by supporting job plans, sharing experiences of physicians, and through schemes such as the flexible portfolio training initiative.

Driving research

Facilitating research collaboration to provide support for physicians and the sector. You can find out more about the work we do through collaborations and how to get involved.

The future

The Research Hub will not be static information, it will continue to develop and be updated with new information, resources and perspectives to support research for all across the UK.

Visit the RCP Research Hub.