RCP statement on the escalation of the junior doctors' strike

RCP president Jane Dacre’s statement on the escalation of the junior doctors' strike: 

The escalation of the junior doctors' action into an all-out strike, to include acute and emergency services, is extremely worrying.

At the RCP, we continue to call for compromise, and for there to be constructive renegotiation of the issues that could not be agreed earlier. Whilst both sides recognise the need to find an agreement, they have been unable to move things forward to resolution.

Having trained and supported countless junior doctors over many years, I cannot stress enough how they are our future, and need to be valued, supported, motivated and respected.

All doctors are trained to act in their patients’ best interest. As I have said before, and especially in the event of all out action, I urge all my colleagues to think carefully and to do what is in their patients’ best interest, for now and for the future.