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RCP supports recommendations in Taskforce for Lung Health report

The RCP welcomes the release today of the Taskforce for Lung Health's 5-year plan to improve the UK’s lung health and the lives of people already living with lung disease.

As a member of the Taskforce for Lung Health, the RCP played an important role in reviewing the content of A National Five Year Plan for Lung Health and the recommendations it sets out. These include:

  • planning and funding effective, high-quality smoking cessation services that are accessible to everyone who wants to quit
  • placing new restrictions on particulate matter emissions from all sources
  • providing every person living with lung disease a personalised care and support plan.

Professor Mike Roberts, senior clinical lead for the RCP's National Asthma and COPD Audit Programme (NACAP), said:

The Royal College of Physicians echoes the importance of preventive and public health interventions highlighted in the report, specifically investment in smoking cessation services and action on air pollution. We also welcome the report’s focus on providing personalised care for patients.

One thing all NHS trusts can do today is to work across the local health system to ensure all patients receive quality-assured spirometry testing. Spirometry provides accurate and timely diagnosis which has been shown by our national COPD audits to enhance treatment plans and the day-to-day experience of patients living with these chronic long-term conditions.


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