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RCP welcomes DH Information Strategy

The director and associate director of the RCP’s Health Informatics Unit, both welcome the publication today of the DH Information Strategy.

RCP HIU director Professor John Williams said:

The RCP particularly welcomes the Strategy’s emphasis on giving patients better access to medical records to support and encourage informed partnerships in care between patients and healthcare professionals, and the recommendation that every organisation should have a senior clinician or care professional responsible for taking the lead in ensuring that information is organised effectively in support of better patient care. Clinical leadership will be vital to the successful implementation of the strategy, and this recommendation will give the current campaign for a chief clinical information officer in every hospital (run by e-health insider and supported by the RCP) a fresh boost.

RCP HIU associate director Professor Iain Carpenter said:

We are particularly pleased that the Strategy supports common standards to allow data to flow around the system, as for over 10 years the RCP’s Health Informatics Unit has pioneered the development of medical records standards in areas like admission, handover and discharge, as highlighted in the Strategy. These standards are already in use within some hospitals.  Embedded into a national strategy against which care is commissioned, care record standards can make a massive impact on the ability to deliver and monitor effective, high quality care, transparent to all.

We will be delighted to work with the DH Information Directorate and the NHS Commissioning board in taking this work forward, work which builds on the recent recommendation for a Professional Records Standards Development Body.

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