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Read our review of a year like no other

The RCP has published an online annual review of 2020, looking back on a year like no other.

The review pays tributes to the astonishing response to the pandemic from the organisation’s members and fellows and highlights some of the ways in which it supported them through the most challenging period in their careers.

The RCP dramatically increased its profile, campaigning on issues such as PPE, and renewing its call for action to address workforce shortages. It found new and innovative ways of working, including quickly moving events and educational resources online, retooling the RCP website as a COVID-19 hub, and providing frequent email updates.

The pandemic has taken its toll on both the public and the profession. In the first wave, more than a fifth of doctors contracted COVID-19 and many died, most from minority ethnic backgrounds.

Health inequalities were brutally exposed by the virus and one of the RCP’s most important achievements in 2020 was to bring together scores of organisations to form the Inequalities in Health Alliance.

The development of RCP at The Spine, the organisation’s new home in Liverpool, embodies its commitment to members in the north and will transform our facilities for the future, with a state-of-the-art assessment centre. Its opening in 2021 marked the culmination of a 5-year vision.

The RCP has had to make some difficult decisions to deal with a substantial loss in income in 2020 – exams, conferences and events were particularly affected – but the rapid development of alternatives, including RCP Player, showed its adaptability.

You can read more about what was achieved in 2020 in spite of, and sometimes because of, the extraordinary circumstances, here.