Royal College of Physicians responds to Coronavirus bill

RCP responds to the governement’s new Coronavirus Bill which outlines details of new emergency powers to contain the spread of COVID19.

In response to the Coronavirus bill, Professor Andrew Goddard, president of the Royal College of Physicians said:

'In exceptional times, exceptional measures are necessary. Reducing paperwork, allowing staff to move outside of their normal duties and encouraging nearly qualified staff and those who may have recently retired into the workforce is welcome. It is key that the NHS uses the skills and experiences of these people appropriately to provide additional capacity in an across the NHS and Social Care.

'But these are hugely stressful, worrying and exhausting times for all healthcare staff and these measures won't change that. More than ever, doctors and their colleagues are putting their own health and wellbeing on the line and we must keep looking for ways in which to support and protect them in the coming weeks and months. The quicker that priority testing for NHS and Social care staff, and their families can be rolled out, the quicker staff will be able to return to the front line.

'Society as a whole is worried, people don’t know if they will still have jobs and an income at the end of this crisis. We welcome the government’s action to introduce stability for business, but now they must turn their attention to supporting individuals and protecting and boosting peoples incomes. Without this people are going to be placed in the impossible position of having to choose between bringing in an income and their health.'

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