Royal College of Physicians responds to new advice for the NHS about safe use of PPE

RCP president, Professor Andrew Goddard responds to new guidance about personal protective equipment (PPE) for NHS clinicians treating patients with coronavirus.

The UK Government and NHS leaders from a range of medical royal colleagues have published new guidance about personal protective equipment (PPE) for NHS clinicians treating patients with suspected or confirmed coronavirus COVID-19.

The guidance recommends the safest level of PPE to protect NHS healthcare workers and specifies the type of PPE that should be worn in the various healthcare settings where patients could be cared for.

In response to the new advice, Professor Andrew Goddard, president of the Royal College of Physicians said: 

'Today's updated guidance provides what clinicians have been asking for – a single set of recommendations which cover all NHS settings.

'We know that there has been a lot of confusion and concern over the past few weeks. I hope that this guidance will both reassure clinicians that they are being listened to, and give them the confidence that they are safe when caring for COVID-19 patients.

'The guidance is only that, of course, if we can't access the appropriate PPE. The situation is improving, but we know there are still supply issues, which is why we're asking our members to continue sharing any problems they have. Any NHS or social care staff member who can't get the right equipment must keep raising it until it is resolved.'

Access the guidance here: