Royal College of Physicians responds to Nuffield Trust report on international hospital staff

RCP president, Professor Andrew Goddard, responds to Nuffield Trust's report revealing that one in four hospital staff were born outside the UK.

Calling for a reduction in the cost of visas and the immigration health surcharge to make it easier for overseas doctors to work in the UK, Professor Andrew Goddard said:

“This analysis provides further evidence that international recruitment is vital to the stability of our NHS.

“With our health and social care workforce entering yet another challenging winter, we urgently need to turn the tide on international recruitment.

"The Home Office has got to change its tune and allow more international doctors to come to the UK on schemes like the medical training initiative.

“We must also tackle the significant costs associated with visas and NHS health and immigration surcharges - all of which create unnecessarily high entry barriers for those wishing to work here.

“It’s high time we once again made the UK a welcoming place in which to come and work.”