Social care for older people: RCP comment on King's Fund and Nuffield Trust joint report

The King's Fund and the Nuffield Trust have produced a joint report on the current state of social care services for older people in England.

Commenting on the Social care for older people report, RCP president Professor Jane Dacre said:

This sobering report highlights the perilous state of our social care services. At a time of their lives where they should be confident that they will be looked after compassionately and comprehensively, older people should not be bearing the brunt of cuts to social care.

The report describes the ‘increasingly threadbare safety net’ for those relying on council services alone, a situation which also highlights increasing inequalities in health in the UK. The report identifies that cuts to primary and community care are undermining attempts to keep people independent and in their own homes.

When these systems fail, it often results in prolonged hospital admissions, creating a vicious circle. The NHS also faces a daily struggle to find appropriate services for older people who no longer need to be in hospital. We must all work together to create joined-up, properly funded and organised services to give older people the care they deserve.

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