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ST3 offers: revised scores and ranks now available

The RCP can confirm that revised scores and ranks have been been released to the Oriel website. Candidates in competition for offers have been emailed confirmation of this.

In about half of cases there has been no change in ranking or the change is within one or two places.

Until offers start it is not possible to know what effect this may have on candidates' chances of an offer. For this reason we advise waiting for the outcome of offers to see whether or not your application receives a different outcome to when offers were first run.

We anticipate that offers will start from about 2pm on Thursday and will be confirmed at different times throughout the afternoon. We thank you for your patience while we complete this part of the process.

All candidates will be emailed with the outcome of the first set of offers. We will also text all candidates who opted in to this service.

We reiterate our apologies for the anxiety and uncertainty this situation has created. Your wellbeing is important to us and we wish to highlight again the BMA counselling service for anyone who needs support.