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ST3 offers update

The ST3 re-offers process has caused anxiety for many, and we have been heartened to see the way we have come together as a community to support one another.

All trainees who were offered a post in the first process have now been placed, and we thank HEE, NES, NIMDTA and the Wales Deanery for enabling this to happen. In addition 39 trainees who had not been offered a post first time around received an offer to date in the re-run process.

We also wish to thank college tutors and regional advisers, as well as the BMA, for the support they have given to trainees over the last few weeks. And finally, and most importantly, we thank the trainees themselves who have been caught up in this and so patiently waited for jobs to be offered again.

Late this week and early next, what is anticipated to be the final set of offers, including clearing for acute internal medicine, endocrinology and diabetes, geriatric medicine and renal medicine, will be made. We will be communicating with all candidates without an offer to ensure they are updated on the progress of this.

The ST3 error was discussed at length at our Council on 22 May, and we are committed to conducting a thorough internal review in addition to the external review that HEE, through the Medical and Dental Recruitment and Selection (MDRS) governance route, will commission on behalf of the four health departments.

We wish to apologise for the disruption and upset that the re-offers process caused, and are committed to ensuring it doesn't happen again.

Yours sincerely

Professor Jane Dacre, RCP president
Dr Andrew Goddard, RCP registrar