Three royal colleges return to Yangon for PACES training

In the sixth visit of its kind since 2014, a joint Royal College of Physicians, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow team travelled to Yangon, Myanmar to deliver two intensive PACES training courses.

Two 2-day training courses were delivered in collaboration with the University of Medicine 1 (UM1) in Yangon, with the UK team led by the RCP's newly appointed associate international director for the Asia Pacific region Dr Russell Roberts.

The first day focused entirely on communication skills, starting with a plenary session and demonstrations from the UK team, after which participants split into small groups to work through a series of communications scenarios of increasing complexity. During day two (clinical skills day), participants rotated through several clinical stations, using PACES timings and receiving feedback from local and UK faculty at the end of each station.

As with previous visits, representatives from the three colleges also led a CME day at the university, including a session entitled 'Managing a Parkinson's patient: approaches and strategies' from the RCP's Dr Moe Thaw Oo.

Participants at University of Medicine 1 preparing for their next station